BoardSports Waxing

Quick look how waxing is done in BoardSports workshop

A lot of people think that skis and snowboards should be waxed only before the season but  it’s not true. New gear is covered with thin wax layer which is totally usefull for only few sessions on a mountain. Not waxed skis or snowboards will lose speed, starts to dried up and that leads to base loosing and white marks around the edge and finally it covers all base. If you want your gear to stay in perfect shape and enjoy your riding at its best, we  suggest to wax it after 3-8 times on mountain

Quick look how waxing is done
For the very beginning, we are taking off the bindings then cleaning gear base with the special Basecleaner which cleans all the dirt. When the base is  fully dry it is barred by universal wax which is right to ride
from  -12 to +12 celcius. Special wax iron is heated up to 100 degrees and wax is melted out all over the base.  Wax needs to absorb in base fully so it stays like this for a 3-4 hours. Wax shaving is done by 3mm thickness scarpers. When wax is shaved than base is polished by two different brushes. First one is from horse bristles and the second one is nylon brush.