Amplifi 2019 Fuse Pant Black

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Amplifi 2019 Fuse Pant Black


The Fuse Pants are full-force crash shorts that let you bust out moves with awesome freedom of movement. Crazy-light and rocking super-tech, vented fabrics in a unique ergonomic design, we’re confident that these are the most comfortable hard-shell crash shorts on the market.


Primary Material: 60% Nylon, 20% EVA, 10% Elastane, 10% Polypropylene

- 4-Angle Mesh:
4-Angle Mesh is a durable, 4-way stretch material. It’s perfect for use in areas that are constantly in motion as it avoids unnecessary heat build-up. 

- Miharo 6+:
Miharo 6+ is a textile based on natural coconut shell fibers. It has anti-bacterial, anti-static, anti-odor water-repellent and moisture-wicking properties and an ultraviolet protection factor of UPF 50. 

- Power-Webbing:
Power-Webbing is high-quality knitted webbing that gives you flawless performance and functionality in extreme conditions. It meets the highest standards of durability and strength.


- Fuse Honeycomb:
Fuse Honeycomb is our proprietary hard-shell protector. It combines super-tough injection-molded material with a unique ultra-lightweight honeycomb construction that is articulated for extra comfort and protection. 

- Articulating Design:
Our Articulating Design concept is inspired by nature to give you total freedom of movement without compromising your safety and comfort.



XS - 450g


Non-Slip Grip guarantees a perfect fit with extra silicone or embossed foam rubber on hem openings. It also keeps your gear in the right place for maximum comfort and protection.


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