Complete Ronix 2019 Spring Break + Signature Boots

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Complete Ronix 2019 Spring Break + Signature Boots


All wood womens park board.A cable fun board featuring all over flex, a super clean bottom design and spoonful of added rocker. It feels so different than a traditional board having so much freedom to break loose or really exaggerate a press.

  • All over flex
  • Speedwalls
  • A unique fun board shape
  • Ridden by Jamie Lopina

Signature Boot

The most advanced female boot in the industry, the Signature is developed on our state of the art BrainFrame hardware. Made from women’s

specific patterns, this boot is built to stand up to the most demanding rider, while offering superior comfort and fit. You won’t realize how far

footwear technology has come until you have tried it on.

  • BrainFrame Technology
  • AutoLock Technology
  • Quick Snap Lace Handles
  • Stage 3 Liner
  • Built In J-Bars
  • Symmetrical: 7

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