Hyperlite 2020 Quad Thrilla Krew

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Hyperlite 2020 Quad

Santa Cruz Surf Style Shape with Removable Foot Straps


The response from our Party Shark strap surfing initiative was so amazing, all QUAD shapes are equipped with removable foot straps for 2020. The Quad can handle the big boys, both sizes, and even stay ahead of smaller waves, but the shape is so responsive you’ll have a blast learning 360s and popping airs. Utilizing our exclusive DuraShell construction, this shape is lightweight while being durable and dent resistant. Add our fully machined EVA traction pad and you have the necessary control for the best of sets.  Utilize the QUAD’s foot straps for spins and flips or for getting first time surfers into the wave with ease.  



  •             DuraShell Construction 
  •             Removable Foot Straps 
  •             Front Foot Strap Position Adjustability 
  •             Reinforced Lay-Up 
  •             CarboNetX Inlay
  •             EPS Core
  •             Rolled Edge Profile 
  •             Tip / Tail Flow Channels 
  •             Fully Machined EVA Traction Pad 
  •             Lap Construction
  •             Layered Glass

Fins: 2 – 3.5” Flux & 2 – 2.0” Drop 

SHAPED By: Schwenne / Day 

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