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The 2018 Ronix Highlife / Flexbox 2 Cable Wakeboard is a new cable specific shape created to get you there bigger and higher. The 2018 Ronix Highlife Cable Wakeboard has the most amount of rocker and bottom features of any Ronix board and is designed for bigger boosts both on air tricks and leaving a kicker. With a precise edge hold into air tricks and with nearly 1” more rocker than its Kinetik brother, this series will release from the water with more amplitude.  Together with Flexbox 2 and wood running horizontally in the tip/tail, this board has infinite end pressure points with a more stout mid-section.

Wakeboard Construction Features

► Cable Specific Design
► Paulownia Wood Core
► Flexbox 2 : Flex in Tip and Tail 
► Finless
► Continuous Rocker
► Sintered Slider Base
► M6 Inserts
► Speedwalls
► G&R Technology

Rider's Weight Indication

► 130    Up to 60kg
► 135    Up to 70kg
► 140    Up to 80kg
► 145    75kg and Up

2018 Ronix Highlife / Flexbox 2 Features Explained

FLEXBOX: We came to a point where not everybody was happy with one traditional flex zone because of their personal riding styles. So we analyzed how a broad range of riders ollie, flex, and release off the water or features. The result was boards with entirely different pressure points.  

MUTE CORE: A wood core that knows how to hit the silent button. Those trees tend to get a little chatty Kathy on the water – so we added poured urethane thru the wood to help dampen the noise of the ride.    

SINTERED SLIDER BASE: The most durable non-stick base material we have ever tested on features, and has increased glide speed on the water. Our exclusive base was formulated from a powder by heating the material in a sintering furnace above its melting point until the particles bond to one another. A higher purity compound that preserves its bond overtime. No obstacle is safe at cable parks with our jib friendly base material.

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